Life is Full Color is fine and so as The Savi Collection.
Diatraco Corporation specializes in bringing the full palette of colored diamonds to life. Our exquisitely crafted jewelry and our collection of vibrant pink, yellow, and blue diamonds combined, radiate a natural unique elegance that is unmatched.
Diamonds by Diatraco and AMTC.
AMTC and Diatraco offer High-Quality Natural Colourless and Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, Loose and set in Platinum and 18K Gold Jewellery. With over 50 years of International Experience, our Knowledge and Resources we are truly well placed to provide, exceptional products with exceptional service to reach our extended Market World Wide.
For many years our prime objective is to satisfy each of our individual customers. To achieve our goals, we work hand-in-hand in finding and providing them not only top quality Diamonds available today but the most suitable diamonds for their respective markets.
AMTC and Diatraco are focused to always deliver Excellent Products with Excellent Service.
Singapore to New York - East meets West, 24 hours a day.
*Most of our diamonds come with GIA reports.